Unleash the power of play.

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Learn why play is important at any age, and how to overcome the barriers to play we face today.

Tap into the secret games of the Ninja Academy and build your tribe.

Create a sustainable fitness practice for life.

  • Do you feel “stuck” or out of balance?

  • Are you burned out with your training and fitness practice?

  • Are you a coach who wants to transform the lives of your clients?

That’s what Play. Full. is all about. It’s a step-by-step guide to unleashing the power of play in your life and the lives of your clients, family, and friends.

Includes over 80 pages of content: hundreds of possible game ideas, videos teaching you how to use "playful movement" to unlock flexibility and bulletproof joints, and steps to guide your playful practice.

It's your launching pad for harnessing the power of play!

I had a look at the e-book and I’m really impressed!
Super-positive, pro-health and pro-social. Congrats.
I hope people step up and buy it!
— Frank Forencich, author of Exuberant Animal


This chapter focuses on WHY we play...

The benefits of play.

Barriers to play, and how to overcome them.

Playful mobility - how to build resiliency so you can play your way to lifelong health!

This chapter focuses on HOW we play...

Everybody plays differently.

Everybody plays with everybody.

CHANGE THE GAME (the 80/20 rule).

Slow to fast. Simple to complex.

Keep at it.

Find something new.

Embrace the awkward.

Ichi-go, Ichi-e.


This chapter focuses on the GAMES we play...

The Venn Diagram of play.

Balance games.

Reaction games.

Catch/Throw games.

Ninja games.

The Game Matrix: i.e. how to create your own games.

…and more!

What people are saying about Play. Full.

Matt Myers is a playful coach and teacher who models playful movement – this book is a wonderful guide to playful living.
— Kate McCormick, Assistant Professor Early Childhood Education SUNY-Cortland
They were still talking about it this morning. I’m on cloud 9 because it was just one of “those moments” that can be hard to find. We just got to PLAY for a change. Not homework, not housework, not some dumb chore, just play. I don’t do that enough with my kids anymore. I’m going to try to fix that.
— Christy Victor, vet, athlete and super mom of three!
This is seriously a resource that everybody who works with bodies needs to get. Matt lays out a story-driven, compelling case for a playful life. He gives us a bird’s eye view of the benefits of play and a fantastic overview of new options for games and a choose-your-own-adventure approach. This is a creative book in the realest sense. He’s inviting us to create a new practice for ourselves, and in doing so he’s providing the perfect sandbox for us to play in.
— Chandler Stevens, Luminal Movement

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Remember how you used to play as a kid?  You could run, jump, and tumble in a seemingly limitless fashion.  You didn’t have to think about how to use your body, you just did it.  As we become adults, however, we start to lose that freedom of movement.  Joints stiffen, muscles shorten from too much sitting and not enough play, injuries crop up that scare us off of trying anything new.  It takes more and more effort to do things that we used to do without thought (ex. squatting down to the ground, or playing chase with the kids.)  We often hear the phrase “I guess I’m just getting old.”  And I’m hearing that from a younger and younger population.  But does it have to be that way?

I for one don’t like it. I want to be able to move naturally, to run, to play, to be resilient – to live with vibrant health.  And I want to be able to do this for a long, long time.  I have a feeling that most other people want this too.  The process to recapturing this freedom starts with play.